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MailTo Protector 3.0
Email Link Generator & Encoder

What is MailTo Protector
And Why Should I Use It?

MailTo Protector is a tool for webmasters, used to create encoded mailto links for their web pages.

MailTo Protector does two things for you.

First, it lets you make "configured" email links -- so you can include things like cc:, bcc:, subject, and body directly into the email links in your page.

Second, and more importantly, MailTo Protector encodes the mailto link information.

This means that when spam-bots try to harvest email addresses from your page, virtually none of them can read the addresses -- resulting, we have found, in a great decrease in the amount of spam you receive.

It also helps eliminate virally generated junk.

This is a tested technique and utility that we have been using ourselves for close to three years in our own website development -- with excellent results.

Now, both a free online generator and desktop software are available for your use, too.

OnLine Code

The online code generator
is free for everyone to use.


The software version looks
and works like the online
code generator, but does
not include our tagline in
the generated code.
We've priced this as low
as possible, so every
webmaster can afford it!

How Do I
Use It?

It couldn't be simpler.
Fill in the fields in the
generator, then copy-and-
paste the generated code
into your html page
where you want your
mailto link to appear.

MailTo Protector And Stopping Virus Junk Mail

Unless you live under a mushroom somewhere, it's impossible to be unaware of the havoc that Sobig, MyDoom, Bagle, Navarg, Netsky and a host of other viruses are wreaking on the Internet and e-mail.

Basically, these types of viruses take email addresses found on an infected machine, and then endlessly pump out junk emails to every address found.

Worse, though, these viruses can take an email address from such an infected machine -- and "spoof" the reply address in the junk emails they send out.

And if that "spoofed" reply address happens to be yours -- guess who gets all the complaints... not to mention all the bounced and undeliverable mail.

You do.

Initially most viruses got their addresses from the Windows address book; but as they grew more sophisticated, they also began to harvest addresses from the infected machine's browser cache.

In practice, that means if someone with an infected machine has merely visited a page of yours containing an unprotected email address -- you could wind up being an unwitting victim of the virus.

Using a tool like MailTo Protector -- which encodes your in-page email addresses in a format no known viruses can read -- will aid in protecting against this.

How Does It Work?

MailTo Protector "encodes"
the material in the mailto
link in a format that
spam-bot harvesters
cannot read.

Is JavaScript Needed?

No.  This is encoding, rather
than encryption, so JavaScript
is not required (that is, if
your visitor has JavaScript
turned off, MailTo Protector
links will still work fine).

Any Guarantees?

There's no way to predict
what malicious coders of
spam-bot email harvesters
and viruses will do next.
But the extra "overhead"
required to write tricky
"unencoding" routines would
make spam-bot harvesters
extremely inefficient; so,
practically speaking, it's not
likely to be done.  The
same can be said
of virus code.

A Quick "Case Study" -- Our Experience

The only way to effectively find out if a technique like this works is to stick it out there on highly trafficked websites and see what it does.

So, some time ago we began an informal "case study" on our CodeBrain.com, CodeLifter.com, and other sites we run.  We left certain addresses unencoded -- just regular mailto links. But a number of other mailto links, we encoded with MailTo Protector.

The results... even during the vicious Sobig.F outbreak (Aug-Sep 2003) during which our servers were being flooded with junk mail and "bouncers" to the tune of thousands an hour -- we did not see a single instance of spam or virus-related email from the encoded mailto links.

To date, we have likewise never once seen spam delivered to a published email address encoded with this technique.


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