MailTo Protector is a tool for webmasters, used to create encoded mailto links for their web pages.

MailTo Protector does two things for you.

First, it lets you make “configured” email links — so you can include things like cc:, bcc:, subject, and body directly into the email links in your page.

Second, and more importantly, MailTo Protector encodes the mailto link information.

This means that when spam-bots try to harvest email addresses from your page, virtually none of them can read the addresses — resulting, we have found, in a great decrease in the amount of spam you receive.

It also helps eliminate virally generated junk.

This is a tested technique and utility that we have been using ourselves for close to three years in our own website development — with excellent results.

Now, both a free online generator and desktop software are available for your use, too.