The Benefits Of Promotional Umbrellas

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Many companies are beginning to use umbrellas as marketing tools. Umbrellas are easily branded, relatively inexpensive, and are a practical item that used throughout the rainy season. Any printed promotional umbrella is a great corporate gift because such is both stylish and practical.

At Star Stuff Group, our high-quality promotional umbrellas create a fantastic impact for your organization as opposed to online.

Here are some of the major benefits of having promotional umbrellas

A stylish promotional umbrella will always promote your company and keep your staff and clients looking professional – regardless of the weather. Not only will your promotional umbrella provide shade to your staff or customers they will also provide aesthetic appeal in various environments such as hotels, restaurants, bars, retail outlets or corporate functions. Corporate branding provides a stylish marketing as well as a promotional tool.

A corporate golf umbrella is the most common type of printed promotional umbrella but that is not all Star Stuff Group is experts on. Our friendly staff knows everything about other types such as the vented umbrellas, automatic umbrellas, storm proof umbrellas, ladies umbrellas, parasols, telescopic umbrellas, and so on. It does not matter whether you like a single panel printed umbrella or a high impact dye sublimation print; our competent team of professionals can organize precisely according to your specifications.

One good thing with printed promotional umbrellas will give your corporate a personalized design that is tailored to your organization’s brand aesthetic. Our promotional specialists will help get your advertising message maximum visibility with impeccable graphics coupled with our promotional expertise. No matter what type of industry you are in, a promotional umbrella imprinted with the business name and of course company logo will keep your corporate in the heads of your clients or simply right above them. Please note, Star Stuff Group is your right choice to get you through the marketing world.

Our printed promotional umbrellas will keep your business at the top of your clients’ minds and out of your brand, they would make great walking billboards. Promotional umbrellas are great promotional tools since they are versatile and almost everybody has a need for one. At Star Stuff Group, we have a full range of products designs that fit any promotional campaign and may also any gifting needs. For your upscale promotional gift, our promotional fashion umbrellas can make that much needed bold statement. Think carefully how these promotional umbrellas will look for guests during a rainy or shiny outdoor wedding.


Promotional Umbrellas | Star Stuff Group

Our golf promotional umbrellas will be great giveaways for tournaments or country clubs or golf courses. Our branding carries a range of colours with sizes to choose from. This ensures your promotional umbrella keeps your clients or staff singing your brand name in the rain. Ask Star Stuff Group today about promotional umbrellas that fit your company branding.

Large print area

Whether it is the golf or mini umbrella, there is enough space to insert a company’s logo, name, or marketing message. The designs options are usually wide-ranging and give one a choice to create the vibrant artwork which takes the or a single panel to print a logo. A simple design is usually the most effective to attract the most regular users. additionally, there is an option to print a logo on umbrella’s protective case or on the handle for the more discrete branding.

Great ROI

Umbrellas are a good attractive option as a marketing product since they have a regular and practical use in any part of the world that typically receives a lot of rain. This regular use means the branded message is usually on display and possibly seen by thousands of passing people. Again, there are several other types of umbrellas that match the budget. A tiny budget is enough to get you started with the small umbrellas while a bigger budget is required for more expensive golf umbrellas.

Huge exposure

Large umbrellas are a practical gift for sporting and corporate events because they attract very large audiences to ensure the company logo or name is seen by many people. The everyday umbrellas will also be seen by thousands of people who are commuting to work daily or simply walking through a crowded town centre.


Most umbrellas are built to last in stormy weather and have the ability to continue functioning even if blown by wind inside out. Therefore any decent umbrella with fibreglass ribs will allow the canopy come back to its original shape without breaking. That means a reliable a positive and lasting impression the company. It is worth investing in the decent quality promotional umbrellas for marketing reasons because they will stand the test of time and will last for years.