Common Cyber Security Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

In this day and age, hackers don’t really choose victims. They go for those people who carelessly give them an edge and are not very wary of their transactions.Cyber attacks can damage our reputations, properties, and even our personal lives, so we must ensure we take valuable steps in order to avoid becoming an easy target. Most cyber security mistakes can easily be avoided, provided you are aware of what you’re doing wrong. Here are tips for the proper use of devices – from smartphones to computers.

  1. When using a public computer, don’t open your electronic bank account or do any business transaction online. You may not know it, but there could be a keylogger collecting information so they can steal from people later. Be careful from this especially if computer is not scanned for viruses and spyware regularly.

online banking

2. Don’t pay people that tell you they have control over your computer. If you get a pop-up that prompts you to unlock a device and that you have to pay, get a  professional to remove the virus.  Often, you’ll get back control after paying,  but you don’t have to do that in the first place.  Remember, they may have left something on your device for them to regain control. So don’t assume you’re going to be safe after giving payment .

ransomware3. Further, a common mistake is to readily give information to anyone that asks for it. A common way to steal information is to email someone and ask them for account information to confirm something. A staggering number of people are ready to give away personal information without thinking hard about where or how their information could be used.

We suggest that instead of replying, contact the company through official means before you give anyone any information. The rule of thumb is to be careful on who you trust and keep passwords or other sensitive information to yourself.

These sensitive information include the name of the street they grew up on, your mother’s maiden name, and other security question information. A really easy way for someone to get this information from you is to make a post online that says something like if you want to know your superhero name then put your mother’s maiden name together with the first street you lived on.

Remember, these common cyber-security mistakes can be avoided if you would just be careful. With these tips and being cautious in giving information, you won’t be a victim of identity theft or any scam. If you’re thinking about the security of your website or your business and you need expert advice on how to secure them, Core Sentinel can help you. Core Sentinel has experts with over 15 years international experience in professional services, banking, finance, insurance, health, utilities, oil & gas, government & defense. Alternatively, if you suspect that you became a victim of phising sites, follow these steps to take down malicious sites.