Know how can you fix a cracked tooth – Here are some tips!

How to Fix a Cracked Tooth

Do you have a Cracked Tooth?


Have you discovered a Crack in your tooth? FIND OUT HOW TO FIX A CRACKED TOOTH

First things First, visiting your dentist on a 6-month regular basis will keep you in check with oral hygiene but importantly helps you monitor any kind of dental issues. Mouthguards are an absolute must for any sporting people out there, a mouthguard can be the difference between having a bright healthy smile and missing teeth
Cracked teeth are more common than you might think. There are two types of cracks that can occur, one is a slight crack which is visible but not deep which affects the tooth enamel. The second type which is more common particularly when left untreated is a crack in the whole tooth structure.
Below are some of the common ways people crack teeth:

Eating hard foods, such as nuts, ice or hard boiled lollies & biting down too hard
Non treated dental issues like cavities or fillings weaken the tooth structure
Sporting Injuries is one of the most common – hard knocks and bumps
Any dental surgery treatment such as root canal treatments may also result in cracked teeth

Often people don’t feel much pain or get any toothaches until the crack has become severe where it is penetrating the nerve. if you have a cracked tooth you might be experiencing a sharp like a pain in your gum which happens more as you are eating & putting stress on the affected tooth. A really good indication to test if you have any enamel weaknesses is how susceptible your teeth are when eating hot & cold foods or drinks.

How to Fix a Cracked Tooth?

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Our Dentist team in Chatswood base our treatment recommendation on the severity of the crack in your tooth.
We will do a thorough check and take X-Rays to see how deep the crack is and the impact the cracked tooth is having on your mouth structure. If the cracked tooth is in early stages we can look at polishing the surface to remove rough edges.
In more severe cases where pulp tissue is exposed and damaged, we would look at tooth extraction and then a dental implant procedure to replace the lost tooth with a healthy natural looking tooth to support the existing root and mouth structure.

Contact your Local Dentist Chatswood today if you suspect you have a cracked tooth and may need a dental implant or even just a check up & clean.


Source: Courtesy of Simply Dental Chatswood.