Are Gmail Sponsored Promotions Right for Your Business?

Gmail Sponsored Ads

Gmail sponsored promotions advantage goes beyond reaching the millions of Gmail users. These are its other advantages that could help your business grow. Come take a look as we go deep into gmail sponsored promotions (GSP). Learn everything step-by-step so you can launch your Gmail ads – Gmail Sponsored Promotions & Gmail Ads.

It wasn’t all that long ago that people used a wide variety of email services, including Hotmail, Yahoo! and even some that are now defunct, such as rocket mail.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Today, it seems everybody is gravitating toward Gmail and once again, Google is gaining a corner of the market. This provides an opportunity to advertise effectively.

This has been one of the reasons people go online. It is still used today, but rather than trying to get into somebody’s inbox, you can advertise directly to them, using Gmail sponsored promotions. If you are not using them, you really are missing out..

gmail sponsored ads

If you use Gmail regularly, it’s likely that you have seen the ads that appear in the inbox. These are above the inbox and almost look as another email. It is rather clever, and when you click on one, it expands it so that you can see the full ad. It is different than many other Google sponsored advertising programs, where a click will send them directly to your landing page.

As is the case with any other type of Google advertising, you are going to pay per click. On this type of ad, however, a click is a means for people to interact with the ad.

Since there is a secondary stop before they go to your website, you could be charged for just the user seeing your ad, even though he/she does not taking the next step. It is a unique blend of PPC and CPM advertising.

High Level of Conversion Leads

One reason this is great is that it helps generate awareness, regardless of whether you are trying to build your brand or if you’re trying to push for a cause. Even though you would not likely see a crowd rushing to your website and making a  purchase, you can expect a high level of conversion of leads. Just be sure you are offering the right teaser in exchange for their contact information.


Since Gmail-sponsored promotions are relatively new, they are still affordable. It is also good that you can target the advertising, just as it is possible to target AdWord ads that display on SERPS. This is done using a number of methods, including display keywords, location, topics and languages.

Targeting is done, for example, you can have your ad displayed when somebody is reading a  competitor’s newsletter.  It is also possible to use it to generate a view of a video or even prompt people to call you.

Given these advantages, it’s a type of advertising that can help your business choose a digital marketing agency that deliver real and goal oriented results.