Capture the Right Audience With Google My Business Page

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One of Google’s most ingenious creations is so brilliant, yet people fail to make the most of it. Google My Business does half of the job for website owners.

It cuts out the need for long investigations, when it is professionally handled. With one search, customers gain access to your critical information: phone number, address, reviews, a brief description and images.

When done right, the outcome would be a marked increase in traffic and customers. As it so happens, that is the only way we know how to do it.

Boosting Visual Appeal

Google My Business is a great tool that can help project your brand as it should be, every time someone searches for your business, or any keywords that suggest it is your page they are after, making it a perfect complement to SEO.

Gone are the days of static search results, which did little to distinguish your company from the competition.

With GMB, searchers can begin to feel a connection with your enterprise and make a decision on the spot, if they are going to call you up, visit your website or come to your physical store.

One alluring picture could be all you need to get more visitors to your site, giving you the benefits accrued by social media sites.

If you have a great business and you’re not tired of clients, there is a place for you on Google My Business.

Nothing Left To Change

Your business could already have a GMB display, but if it wasn’t created by you, you need to gain control of it.

Having an unverified GMB display might seem like a gift, but it could quickly turn into a disaster. Without control over what is shown, your company is left vulnerable to unwarranted modifications.

The page could show false or outdated contact information such as portraying your business as closed, incorrect phone numbers or worse, a link to your competitor’s website.

Own Your Listing

When a GMB listing shows up with a button showing ‘Own this business?’ or ‘Claim this business’, it means the display has to be verified. As long as it is unverified, virtually anyone can make changes to it.

If someone else has claimed ownership of your business, we can help you get it back and on the right track for radical SEO results.

Let’s Get You Noticed

let get you noticed

At ETRAFFIC, we always take a strategic approach to marketing. All our services are expertly synergised to maximise results for you and your stakeholders.

We combine SEO, PPC, Digital PR, GMB and all of our other services to give you the best chance to move up rankings, get real visitors and stand-out from the competition. If it is not a winning formula, we don’t waste our time on it.

Our plan is to know your business intimately, in order to portray a business potential customers can instantly relate with and make a commitment to.

Put A Face To the Business

GMB is an easy way for visitors to glimpse your business and get onboard within a split second. The pictures we display are specifically chosen to strike a chord with your target demographic. As you will find out, everything we do is carefully planned and implemented.

The display can be updated to highlight events, new campaigns, store changes and improved business practices, as and when needed.

It goes without saying, that keeping accurate contact details at all times is essential. Your information on google search will also show up on Google+ and Google Places.

Grow Your Business With Reviews

Your stellar performance ought to be raved about, and that’s the advantage of the ‘Reviews’ tab. It makes your company look more credible, which resonates well with browsers trying to decide on a company to patronise.

Sure, every once in a while, you could see a review that goes the other way, but reaching out to the reviewer can be a great way to turn a critic into a convert and gain a lifelong loyal customer.

Get Rid of Duplicates

Quite often, you could find multiple listings for a business, if different keywords or word combinations are used. As long as the information matches, it is possible to merge them together.

But if a listing has been verified by someone else, the process gets more complicated. Our task would be to contact google to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible.

Practitioner listings are another way of maximising exposure to the business, though even these could go belly-up if the practitioner leaves the business.
GMB has vast advantages which should not be wasted. Left to chance though.

How We Work

Our team of dedicated professionals has been carefully selected and consistently trained to ensure we have the best staff possible on the market, working on your project. From conception to delivery, we labour non-stop to ensure timely execution.

From content creation to graphic design, everyone working on your project will have the same focus on delivering an outstanding service. Our team is rich in experience and highly personable, so you can get in touch with your project manager anytime for updates or a chat.

Certified Google Partners

As certified Google Partners, we understand the platform and how it runs as well as could be. We keep up to date with all changes to their algorithms and make them work for you.
Social media marketing is at the forefront of your GMB page, as it is integrated with your Google+ account. We can work with your social media team or assume management of your page to get the best integrated results with your Google searches and keywords.

More Than Just A Client

Beyond marketing, we aim to build lasting relationships with our clients that transcend the job. We want you to be able to call on us with every need, and be rest assured we will always dedicate our best to you.

Our loyalty to you is not about profit, as you will testify from our prices, but rather about productive networks that can help us accomplish much more than the task at hand.

When the job is completed, we remain dedicated to your website by offering resources that will help you and your team execute the management of your digital operations seamlessly.