Is A Matchmaking Agency Better Than Online Dating Service?

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We live in a world that has become increasingly obsessed with technology. We order groceries online and enjoy entertainment that streams onto our televisions and our many mobile devices. We order our takeout food over the Internet and spend our lives perusing the social media and focusing on the importance of Tweets. In fact, our reliance on technology has become so all-encompassing that we have even come to rely on it to give our love lives that little boost.

Online dating sites have proliferated in the last decade and now more and more people in the Western World are relying on these portals to find their ideal partner.

However, there has also been an increasing interest in turning to matchmaking agencies rather than relying on the sometimes misleading personal profiles that are increasingly common on online dating portals.

SO just why are people turning back to one of the oldest forms of satisfying their search for that special person?

In part it has to do with the human touch – that special insight that sometimes only a human being can bring to the concept of helping people find what may very well be their ideal life partner. It is this personal touch that differentiates matchmaking services from the impersonal approach taken by online dating sites – which are, after all simply a collection of data points often policed by powerful, yet impersonal algorithms.

The process which the modern day matchmakers follow is far more consultative than treating people as if they were mere numbers.

It is usual practice for the modern matchmakers to meet in person with the potential client and get a better insight into what their hopes and dreams are – and what makes them uniquely human. Consultative process and the ability to gauge what the ideal partner may be for that individual is at the heart of why people are turning to matchmaking companies once more – a human approach developed to let human beings with all their quirks and different personality traits reach out to each other.

Matchmaking Agency | Vital Partners

However, there is also another advantage to using a matchmaking agency. For many people, the search for that ideal life partner can be an extremely daunting one. For some, it may be a long time since they have attempted to enter into a meaningful relationship. For others, a relationship failure has meant that they are anxious about the entire process.

It is in cases like this where the emotional support of a matchmaker – that ever important human touch is invaluable.

By offering a sympathetic ear and support, as well as the benefit of years of experience the matchmaking agency can take much of the anxiety out of the process of meeting the right person. In addition, even if the process takes some time those professionals will be able to gently guide their clients. Offering advice if things go wrong and how to relax and enjoy what should be an exciting and fulfilling process.

There’s also the invaluable assistance of knowing what actually went wrong if that all important offer of a second date is rejected.

For many people, a rejection can lead to feelings of inadequacy and hurt. However, those who use the services of a matchmaking agency will be informed of some of the reasons that perhaps the person that they were matched with was not that perfect fit. And if they had made mistakes or committed some sort of social faux pas they can then be guided by the matchmaker on strategies to make sure that those mistakes are not repeated.

It is no secret that the world can be a dangerous place. And this is also true of the dating game. An online profile is subject to incredible manipulation – often what you see when using an online dating portal is not what you get. A matchmaking agency will vet potential partners in order to ensure that not only are they a potential match but that the information that they have provided is accurate and that they pose no danger to the other party.

Given the facts, it is no wonder that more and more people are enlisting the help of matchmaking agencies. The experience is pleasant and potentially more rewarding than the hit and miss approach that is inevitable when using an online dating service.