Common Drawbacks on Internet Security

There are a lot of Internet security suites and products out there, but staying safe on the Internet is still not as easy as it could be. Even if you are committed to staying proactive when it comes to Internet security, there are still several drawbacks and problems with the way that security software works […]

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Are VPNs Good for Internet Security and Privacy?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network is a special kind of network in which the data you send over the internet is directed through a secure, encrypted connection that goes through a third party server. You run a VPN client on your machine and that client connects to the VPN server. All data that you […]

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internet security essentials

Importance of Effective Internet Security While a lot of people stay away from computers entirely once they hear of the dangers of identity theft and computer viruses, others use them with reckless abandon. It’s as if they are completely invincible to any of the risks that are actually out there. One nasty pop-up or fake […]

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