When The Mailto Link Not Working

mail to web link

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The convenience of a link is that it is a simple way to open up a new web page or initiates a new email without having to accurately type in a bunch of characters that are hard to get right even the third time to type them into a browser address bar. Yet, in some browsers used on some computers, problems arise.
In the world of mail to links, it allows email users to ensure that an email is entered accurately into their email to direct a message. Though sometimes they break, and that is the topic of this article.
Web-based by common providers such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Windows Live Mail, and Outlook are just several examples of such email clients that respond to the mail to link function.
It happens on every browser type, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and even Safari. People using Windows, Linux, and even Mac operating systems face issues from time to time. What is challenging is when the issue is consistently occurring. Sometimes a bad link prevents any mail client from opening to direct an email.

Additional Details About The Portability Of Email

Post Office Protocol 3 allows people to read messages from the server. Through POP people can download and save their email. Otherwise, they are cleared off of servers at regular intervals.
IMAP lets users use email from multiple devices. Such functionality is key today given all of the different devices one customer tends to have from their smartphone to a tablet to a desktop at work to a notebook computer at home.

Windows Issues

Chrome mail to links that do not work in Microsoft operating environments is a bother. True to Windows Operating System, Internet Explorer will pop up automatically. Though, instead of opening up the email client and populating the address line, many people will see an error message of sorts. It could read something like this: Sorry, there’s a problem with Outlook. If this problem persists, contact Microsoft.
For some users of Outlook, everything else is functional and works great, but the. Mailto links are broken. For some, the issues are still stemming from the erasure of Hotmail from the online landscape.
When it was scrubbed, Windows Live Mail took center stage. For some, this is not the ideal because they still feel burned that Hotmail was ever taken away.
For issues with Windows, make sure that the cache on the browser is deleted out, and make sure that the most recent edition of the browser is available online. In addition, always attempt using a separate computer and a different browser to see whether it is a problem that is persisting because it is related to the computer, browser, or otherwise.
There can be an issue with the version of Outlook and whether it is chosen as a default application by protocol or as an application by an app. Go for the latter and it should help to alleviate the issue in Windows 10 operating system.

Chrome Browser Issues

Within Chrome, people have similar issues with Gmail, not loading when Mailto links are clicked onto also. For instance, a Chrome user has tried using Gmail from different pages or straight away from the opening of a new browser page. Even when the cache is cleared and all extensions are stalled by disabling them, and switching to Chrome as the administrator people have issues. For instance, in using Windows 8 mode the problem may persist.
Disabling handlers out of Chrome may take care of the issue, which will then allow the mailto link to perform and work once again. Also, go into Default Programs to make “Google Chrome” and the mailto protocol the default too.
Even if the problem persists, it is important to keep in mind that you could be facing a systemic issue that is a bug for one of these browsers, plaguing an operating system, or even the mail client. It could be temporary or more pernicious.
Always check out with a quick online search to find out what has created the issue. Find out if it is quickly passing or if it is a long-standing issue. Find out if it has become an issue since a big operating system underwent an upgrade, or since an old mail client was replaced.
All of these efforts generally will require that you clear the browser’s cache. It could also require making sure that the most up-to-date browser is installed as well. From there, be sure that the individual bug is overcome. Often times there are instructions online that tell people how to make their email client and the browser work well together with the latest operating system upgrade.
Keeping up to date on all of the changes and the way that they impact the use of everyday tools is important. It usually is not a big fix and is worth evaluating the problem and repairing it quickly.