Privacy on The Internet is Not What it Seems

Digital Safety

Even if you have looked into it or not, in reality, you really don’t have privacy on the Internet Think about it this way, whatever you say online can and will be seen by others no matter what privacy settings you use if you’re not careful.

Privacy Settings are Not Really Private

If you read the various privacy statements of social media platforms, you’ll see that most will hand your information over to authorities, and most things are never deleted or considered as your property. Basically, a conversation you’re having in jest with someone may come back to haunt you if you get reported and someone looks into it, so don’t think anything is private.

Protect Yourself

Just Google your address and you can see your home from the sky. Or, who knows, they may have a picture of you from years ago in the image search. This is why you need to think about what you’re posting online. Do you want to have a picture of yourself partying right now if you’re going to have a respectable career in the future? Being careful about this is something that you must do to protect yourself. Even by using a fake name or something, people are smart enough to put the pieces together to figure out what is going on.

Do an Online Search of Yourself

So, run a background check on yourself. This way, you don’t have to wonder what is out there that employers can see. Also, try just looking up yourself through a search engine with your real name and cities you’ve been to or lived in. If you have posted something online from locations, chances are the Internet has it bookmarked somewhere. Some people don’t have to worry too much, but there are people who may want to cover their tracks a little better.

Who’s Watching You

It’s basically hard to do anything online if you don’t want it to be seen by others. Even if you think you’re trying to be quite the privacy expert, you could be watched through your ISP. There are so many people who have this kind of problem, and so you may want to just stick to talking with people in real life since phones and everything else have records kept on them. The government, in a lot of countries including the US, watch over your every move through technology, and you can learn more by looking it up yourself.

Now you’re aware of why the Internet is not the place to say whatever you wish if you don’t want something to come back to haunt you, consider everything that’s going out over a typical Internet connection to be taken and kept. If you wouldn’t want everyone to see something, don’t say or do it.