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MailTo Protector 3.0
Email Link Generator & Encoder

This is the Purchase Page for the
MailTo Protector 3.0
Desktop Software Version

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The desktop software version of MailTo Protector 3.0 looks and works just like the online version, but does not insert our tagline into the email body.


to purchase for
US$ 19.95

Purchase via CodeBrain InterNET Group Purchasing Center
with 2CheckOut.com Fully Secure Servers.
Products sold by 2Checkout.com, Ohio, USA
Distribution and fulfillment by CodeBrain InterNET Group & MailToProtector.com
2Checkout.com, Inc. is an authorized retailer of CodeBrain InterNET Group products.

Click on the "Click to pay thru 2CheckOut" button above.  
Fill in the form and complete your order.  You will download the software
from the link at the end of your purchase completion.

System Requirements
Windows 98/Me/NT/XP
(all Windows platforms later than Win95)
Internet Explorer 5.5 or later installed

You will be directed to the download link when you complete
your purchase
. When you reach the download page, instructions
will be provided.  In brief, this is a small, quick download... 275K.
Simply download (save) the exe file to any spare directory.

This is a standard install.  Locate the exe on your hard drive and
double-click on it -- then follow the screens.
 An uninstaller is also included.



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