Top 4 Virus Security and Removal Software

Did you know that nasty viruses can infect your computer without you even knowing about it? They can hide themselves in cookies (files that store information from the sites you browse so that they will load more quickly next time you go to them) or disguise themselves as essential updates or downloads in popup windows. If you have ever thought that it won’t happen to you, you are flirting with danger. There are plenty of good antivirus programs to install on your computer that will help keep you safe. Let’s go over a basic list to help get you started.

AVG Free

First of all, you may want to consider AVG Free. The primary draw is in the name; AVG Free will protect you at no cost. Even better, however, is that it is completely cross platform, meaning you can utilize it no matter what operating system your computer is running. You can use it to scan your computer in full any time you like, or even schedule regular scans to be safe. It is constantly being updated as well, meaning newer threats will still be caught should they find their way to your machine. AVG Free is undoubtedly a powerful option despite its nonexistent price tag.


Another solid free choice would be Avast! Free Antivirus. This is a Windows only option, but considering that the majority of viruses out there tend to target the Windows operating system given its ubiquitous nature, plenty of you will be able to find it useful. It has all of the features that make AVG Free useful, as well as the ability to scan even more specifically into recently downloaded files, e-mails, and whatever pages you are browsing online. If you are a Windows user that wants to feel even more secure without paying, Avast! Free Antivirus may well be the choice for you.


For computer users that run a lot of resource heavy programs like photo, audio, or video editors or graphics intensive games, Kaspersky Antivirus is a great choice. You will have functionality similar to that of Avast! and AVG, as well as a gaming mode that offers virus and spyware protection without hogging your computer’s resources. Some virus programs are memory hog, making them inconvenient for gamers or those that do other work on their computers. Kaspersky finding a way around this was a highly forward thinking move. Any company that can cater to more than a mere general user base is well worth supporting.


If you want an option that is simple without too many bells and whistles, Avira is a choice worth considering. You can use it to scan your files, plug it into your browser to block threats during browsing, and scan for spyware and malware as well as viruses. It does the job effectively and has good customer support and frequent updates, all in an easily used interface that is easy to pick up.


With powerful and easy to use programs like AVG, Avast!, Kaspersky, and Avira (many of which have free versions that are perfectly effective), there is no reason to gamble without virus and spyware protection these days. Adding a routine scan into your usual every day computer usage is a lot easier than you think. Full computer scans can take a little while, but you can usually just do them once you are done with your usual business and set the computer to shut down afterwards. The havoc that viruses can wreak on you, from identity theft to lost files or sluggish speed, make using your computer unprotected a risk you should never take. With any of the programs listed above, you will be able to browse online without fear.