Tips for Camping when Rain Decides to Spoil it

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Rain is considered to be romantic, beautiful, intense and much more in movies and poetries, but when it knocks your door at the wrong time, it can only be a trouble to you. Especially while you on the site, for camping with your family and friends. How do you feel, when you are all set for the camping and rain to obstruct your way?  It’s unpleasant and annoying, right?


Instead of spoiling your mood and eliminating your plans, try some of these ideas to enjoy the camping as well as the rain.

Camping | Retreat Caravans

Plan well before you leave

The weather forecast is the most important part of your planning, especially when you are planning to camp. The best way to enjoy your camp is to know the weather conditions. This helps you be prepared for the upcoming situations.


Be prepared for the unwelcome situations

Weather forecasts should be a part of your planning, but not the base of your planning. Nature is something that nobody can control. So, you should be well prepared and equipped for emergency situations.


The first thing on your checklist should be a waterproof tent because you need to make sure that the place you stay in is warm and cosy, in situations like rain. Some of the other things that should be there on your list are:


  • ·         Ziploc plastic bags
  • ·         Medicine
  • ·         Big black plastic bags/ garbage bags
  • ·         Gumboots
  • ·         Equipment to lit fire
  • ·         Moppers
  • ·         Big woollen towels
  • ·         Raincoats
  • ·         Gloves


Other than staying safe you need to stay healthy, so keep some food as a backup for emergency.


The higher it is, the safer it is

Near the slopes, uneven lands and riverside are some of the worst ideas while choosing the area to set up your camp. You don’t want to get flooded, right? So, pick a place as high as you can. Even if you feel like the low areas are comparatively flat, try a higher place. The idea to set up the tent on height is because it will keep you safe from the water collected splash during rain.


*Tip: Keep your belongings in the middle of the tent, away from the walls. This will keep your bedding and essential equipment clean and dry.


Stay safe, enjoy the rain

Rain during camping can change your plans, but don’t let it destroy your playful mood. As going out into woods during rain can be unsafe, try having fun indoors.


Carry board puzzles, pencil and papers, a pack of cards and magazines with you to entertain yourself and play fun indoor games with your family. If you don’t have anything just try playing memory games, they are always fun.


Don’t mess with mother nature

You are all set for camping, you want to enjoy all aspects of nature, you are in the mood for some adventure, but the most important thing to remember is, nothing is more important than you and your family. Instead of challenging mother nature and putting yourself and your loved ones into trouble, quit the plan and try camping in a fresh and dry weather.


Pleasure can only be attained if you are safe.