Various Advantages Of Short Run Packaging

Short Run Packaging | Star Stuff Group

Many centuries have passed since the first Bible was printed by Gutenberg. However, things have not changed a lot since then, especially the cost of printing. The printing and packaging industry has not succeeded in significantly reducing the setup costs, even with the huge advancements in technology. Even today, the first print or packaging costs as much as the cost of printing a few thousand units. In simple terms, businesses find it difficult to place small orders due to the high cost associated with first print.

Thankfully, the short-run packaging is set to change everything as it allows end users to order even low quantities at affordable prices.

Short Run Packaging | Star Stuff Group

In other words, you do not need to pay the high costs typically associated with first run printing. The short run printing/packaging allows you to place an order for a few units and pay only for the products you order. There are several benefits of short-run packaging for packaging manufacturers as well as consumers. Here is a small list of some of the major benefits of short-run packaging.

Saves Money

Earlier, merchants were forced to order at least 500 packaging units as the minimum order was set at 500 units by most manufacturers. After all, manufacturers are not expected to bear the loss and to avoid any loss, they had to set up a minimum order quantity. However, the end consumer had to bear the extra cost as they were forced to buy more packaging units than needed.

In case a business was already running on a tight budget and they needed only 350 units, the extra packaging simply added to the cost. However, short-run packaging allows you to order only the number of units you need instead of placing an order for a minimum number of units.


The economy still hasn’t turned around fully which means inventory management has become crucial to profitability. Businesses no longer stock products only to fill up their shelves. Short run packaging allows you to manage your inventory in a better manner as you can order in increments.

Once you have sold the first round of products, you can place another order. This also helps you ensure that there are no obsolete or out-of-date products. Also, you can now make changes almost instantaneously.

Risk Reduction

There are several advantages of ordering items in bulk but it also carries its share of risks such as damage, theft, floods, fires and other such things. One of the ways to reduce such risks is to keep a minimum amount of items on the shelves. In fact, it is recommended to store only items that are needed in the immediate future.

There is also another risk of ordering in bulk as sometimes your order may not meet all your requirements and everything goes to waste. In case of a significantly huge order, it can be a catastrophic loss for your business. When you order in batches, you avoid such potential issues and prevent any catastrophic loss for your business.

Save on Storage Space

When you order packaging units in bulk, you also need extra storage space to ensure that the units remain safe. In simple terms, you need extra storage space to keep the bulk order items. In some cases, packaging units are much bigger in size and you may need a lot of space to keep the extra packaging units.

Storage space does not come cheap and the rates have also been increasing steadily. When you order in batches, you also eliminate the need for extra storage space which in turn allows you to bring down your overall costs.

Faster Turnaround

Short run packaging allows you to reduce your turnaround time. After all, short-run printing packaging allows you to get packaging units incrementally which means you can even order just 10 units when you need them. In case you suddenly get a short notice order and there is a shortage of packaging units, you can just order only the packaging units you need and ship the products.

Earlier, businesses found it difficult to order only a few packaging units to fulfil such short notice orders. Thankfully, ordering in bits/batches allows you to ship your products much faster as these cartons can be produced in small units.